Individual Coaching for Top Performers

Do you find it difficult to get your message through? Is it tough to discuss and solve problems with your team? Do you face stressful situations daily?  What if you found new approaches to these situations? Think about what would change?

Caleidocons individual coaching challenges and encourages true dialogue; it will guide you there where you desire to go.

One of our clients compared coaching with parachute jump: you are high in the air, and expected to jump boldly to achieve your goal. At the same time the situation is frightening, and fascinating. She said, the presence of the professional coach co-created the jumping tandem. And so, she was able to enjoy the free drop.

Caleidocons coaching benefits from the Neuroreactivity Test and Profile in individual coaching.  It visualizes greatly how the unconscious brain guides action and decision making. With deeper understanding you know how to ensure logical thinking and rational action in critical situations. Also, when working with brain in mind, you will succeed in collaboration better. 

Dare to dream, and become your true self that you dream to be.

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