Stress catalyzing change

Caleidocons integrates people and team development with measuring and benefiting from biosignals. We benefit from two different type stress measures:

Neuroreactivity Test
reveals the human acute stress reaction style, in a situation of high pressure the unconcscious brain takes over, and people react in their personal way. It is question of fractions of a second that this reaction takes place when we regard the situation as a threat. We are scanning our situation all the time – five times a second – is it a threat or a challenge, although we hardly notice this scanning. It is question of basic human behaviour,  of existence and survival.

In a threat situation, the whole human body reacts, and at the same time the thinking capacity decreases, attention gets limited, and courage and innovation fade away. When people are at this mode, the meeting atmosphere gets tense,  decisions are taken in a row, or decisions cannot be made. What is common to all, we are deemed to bac choices and poor decisions, because the analytical and logical thinking is lost.

The personal acute stress reaction does not change over time. Yet, stressful situations may vary in line with our experience. Individual differences can be diversed. Thus deeper understanding of diversity is the precondition for successful collaboration in teams.

The personal acute stress reaction style – action and decision making profile is the result of the 15 Minute Test, during which we ask you to perform a couple of tasks that give a reliable and robust responses and activate both cardiovascular system and HPAA.  By analyzing the biosignals we report how the brain guides action, focus attention and recover from stressful situation. Book Your Test!

When you wish to dive deeper,  Caleidocons White Paper explains what happens in human body and mind, when the stress levels run high acutely.

Beyond Zen – Automatic stress detection with machine learning
Longer lasting stress monitoring pis based on research project with VTT,  the Finnish Institute of Occupational Safety, Polar Ltd., and Kaltiot Ltd. with Caleidocons.  Client collaboration starts with personal monitoring of stress, recovery and quality of sleep for two weeks with the help of Polar Clock and smart phone application. Machine learning is combined with the data analysis, which means that participant is not only reported with her history, but she will alsohave predicting guiding on-line information on her phone screen. This is about automatic stress detection!

We know that hardly ever the pure data brings about chage, not to talk about sustainable results. Caleidocons builds on stress monitoring data, it creates the baseline. Group coaching co-creates coherent and goal oriented path both to individual well being and increasing the well being at work.  The impact of Caleidocons collaboration will be verified by follow-up data gathered the same way as the baseline data.

Reserach collaboration is for fore runners. We’ll share our experiences and information here later on.

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