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Increase your self-awareness with Neuroreactivity Profile

What happens to your action and decision making when situation gets tough? Are you fighting or flighting? Where is your attention? How fast are you recovering?

Rational thinking stops, and we act in our own personal way when facing a high pressure situation. It is question of fractions of seconds when the unconscious brain parts take over, and guide our action and decision making. In fact it is a reaction of several systems in our body.  Differences of individual reaction can be high.  And furthermore, there is no ideal reaction style, because it is always context specific what the ideal action could be.

The Neuroreactivity Test is the effective start to individual and team development because it guides the participant towards her discomfort zone where all learning takes place.

  • Individual Test of personal acute stress reaction  – data from brain reflections (15 Min)
  • Written Profile and feed forward discussion on the results (1 hour)
  •  Total prize Euro 1,250 (+VAT) / participant. In case we collaborate later with your team, there is no need for you to retake the Test.

The Caleidocons™ service is based on scientific research conducted in Finland. The test is ethically sound, and highly reliable and valid. The Caleidocons™ Service is globally unique.

Fall 2019: one single Neuroreactivity Test day is here, dive into your way to cope with acute stress:

  • Fri 29 Nov 2019

When there are at least seven participants from the same orgainization, the an organization specific Test day will be arranged.

Presentation/Webinar –
When the Situation gets Tough

What happens to our behavior and decision making when the situation gets tough? That is the focus of this webinar / presentation. It is ideal for inspiring and increasing awareness of also bigger audience when  you want to highlight what it is that make the teams and organisations collaborate successfully. We also share practical tips for brain friendly work. These practices you can start applying right away!

Acute stress reaction is our natural, human way to react when situation becomes stressful; the logical thinking stops, our attention narrows down, in a way we are on autopilot.

What is the benefit from understanding human psychophysiological reaction?

Short inspiring sessions increase participants’ understanding of what it is that flourishing collaboration is built on. There is no ideal acute stress reaction, no. It is always contextual what the ideal behavior and action would be. In a situation of high pressure, it is our unconscious brain that guide our action and decision making, our behavior.  In tough situations several bodily systems activate fast. The psychophysiological reaction is individual, and furthermore, the individual differences can vary a lot.

Some comments from Caleidocons way of having a workshop:
– “Content was relevant and useful.”
– ” 
I thought both speakers were really good and engaging. ”
– ” 
Really liked the fluid cooperation between the two session leaders, demonstrating how to keep several perspectives in play at the same time.”

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Workshop Facilitation
– Mutual Understanding and Collaboration

Is your team longing for mutual understanding of the goal? Can you engage all to contribute their best? Are your team members active and willing to share their ideas and skills?

When people participate, they commit themselves and become owners of the matter. Facilitated workshop is ideal for planning phases, monitoring activities, and decision making.

  • Participatory facilitation reveals participants’ different views, and you benefit from making them visible and increasing mutual understanding
  • Facilitator brings the working methods, guides working, and ensures that the intended workshop goal can be achieved.

Facilitation is about truly working together, workshop participants are responsible for the workshop content, and they do the work. Facilitator’s main role is to inspire, lead and energize the work.

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– Learning from experience sharing

We provide mentoring in three segments:
for young or new business owners / for people and culture development professionals / for coaches applying or renewing their ICF Credential

Are you an entrepreneur, young start-up woman stepping in a new path? Do you miss insightful dialogue and support to your work and business?

Our partner Liisa Hytönen is also active in EY Rhea Challenge Mentoring Programme. Mentoring differs from coaching in that that the Mentor provides her substance expertise and experience.

Or maybe you are lacking mentor coaching sessions? Are you applying for or renewing your ACC  or PCC Credential?

We are mentoring ICF credentialed coaches.  Usually it is mentoring collaboration of ten hours, the mentoring process spans over three months, and responds to all ICF requirements.

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