Summer Greetings from Caleidocons 

Covid-19 and the exceptional times made it possible for us to focus on Caleidocons service development: Oura Smartring Sleep Data lays down the flying start to better work lifeCaleidocons  creates new trend reports from your sleep data, and impactful collaboration with Caleidocons Coach makes positive change to individual well being, and co-creates new paths to less stressful collaboration at work.   

There are quite a many Oura Smartring users, yet, sleep problems are difficult to tackle and improve only with daily data.  Not to mention that for some discovering the own sleep data only increases stress. To achieve sustainable change in stressful work and living habits, support is necessary.  And professional coaching is the best support method.

We will share more from the Caleidocons New Service based on Oura sleep data in August- September! 

The international honors that we received in June will enlighten our summer! 

  • Anjariitta achieved the demanding Master Coach Certification, and  
  • the International Coaching Federation selected Päivi for  The ICF Coach of the Week.  

Sweet recovering dreams, and enjoy the summer time! 

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