New: Caleidocons™ Brain-Friendly Team Coaching Training Program

Caleidocons™ Brain-Friendly Team Coaching training program is starting in October-November 2019 in Finnish language, and in English in January 2020.

Team coaching is significantly different from individual coaching.  In teams professsional coaches need to build trust at individual and team level, and balance with individual and collective needs. There are also tensions in the relationships and negative emotions directed towards the coaches. And furthermore, it is not enough to focus only on the relationships between team members, relationships team members have with others outside the team are of crucial importance.

Caleidocons™ Brain-friendly Team Coaching is about neuroscience based theoretical approach and how you work in tandem with another team coach. New research and findings of neuroscience in theory, and stress measures in practice provide us with an unique, innovative basis and flying start to leadership team development.

In this program you will learn brain-friendly participatory team development methods that you can apply immediately when collaborating with your own client teams. The fundamental element of brain-friendly team method is about activating social brain of the team members in team sessions. When especially playful joy is involved, and team members are working together with their hands and senses, learning is embedded in the team coaching session. During the training program you will have hands-on experience of the fluid collaboration of two team coaches. This program is highly learning by doing and experimenting. Caleidocons™ Approach benefits from the individual personal biosignals in leadership team development. You will also get understanding of the fundamentals of the Caleidocons™ Service.

Caleidocons™ Brain-friendly Team Coaching training program consists of three in-person modules: 2-day + 1-day + 1-day. The training will take place in Helsinki, Finland. The first module with two training days set the foundation for the participant to work, reflect, learn and share as a learning community. The other two 1-day modules continue the learning through brain-friendly team coaching methods, experimenting, sharing experience and reflecting and learning.

In-person modules are supported by four reflection and learning webinars between the modules.  These webinars provide you with support both from Caleidocons and program peer participants. The integrated part of the training program is that that you exercise coaching your client team, or your own team,  and share your experiences. We also ask you to keep learning diary. During the training program Caleidocons will share a list of useful new, science-based articles, video-clips and other contributing training materials.

This program is approved by the International Coaching Federation, and ICF credentialled coaches will be provided with 33 CCEUs.

Contact OR to get  further information on the Caleidocons™ Brain-Friendly Team Coaching Training Program.

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