NEW COACH EDUCATION Caleidocons™ Brain-Friendly Team Coaching

We are facing fast changing development in every business and demanding needs from global mega-trends. One head is simply not enough; the future is made in teams!

Neuroscience is fascinating, and changing our view on human being. We people are social beings, and understanding this makes positive difference. If you are not working with the brain, you’re working against it!

Team development with two professional team coaches moves your clients to true inspiring coaching sessions. Team coaching is about all team members participating. Team coaching is significantly different from individual coaching. Move beyond individual approach!

Caleidocons™ Brain-friendly Team Coaching, coach education program starts on January 2020 in Helsinki. 

When collaborating with teams  professional coaches need to build and foster trust at individual and team level. And balance with individual and collective needs. There are also tensions in the relationships, and negative emotions towards the team coaches.  Furthermore, relationships team members have with stakeholders outside the team are of crucial importance in team development.

Training Program Caleidocons™ Brain-friendly Team Coaching starts on January 2020 in Helsinki. 

It includes four face-to-face training days and three reflection and learning webinars in-between. Your learning is supported by neuroscientific articles and readings. As this program is highly experiment and practice oriented you are expected to collaborate with your own client team, and to keep a learning diary.

As a bonus we will also share how we benefit from stress measures and sleep scoring in leadership team development.

Caleidocons™ Brain-friendly Team Coaching is approved by the International Coach Federation, providing you with 33 CCE units for your credential renewal.

Join us and become the forerunner in team coaching!


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