Great Opportunity: Improve Your Stress Management with Brain Data

High pressure situations are everyday situations to all of us. It is social situations, especially, and critical decision making that make the stress levels run high.  Acute stress reaction takes over in fractions of a second, and impairs analytic thinking. In these situations we are doomed to make bad choices and poor decisions.

By getting familiar with your own reaction style, you can affect it. Your self-awareness increases and stress management skills get better. Furthermore, understanding of others improves; providing you with new insights for impacting skills – light the fire!

The individual test is short, 15 Minutes. No self-assessments. We ask you to perform two tasks. And at the same time we measure biosignals (= data from brain reflections) making visible your personal response style.

There are three open Neuroreactivity Test Days for individuals available in the first half of 2019:

  • Thursday 24 January, 2019
  • Thursday 7 March, 2019
  • Wednesday 8 May, 2019

ask for further info OR book your test slot here

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