Oura Smartring and Coaching for Top Performers

Oura Smartring and sleep data based coaching is new Caleidocons™ service for top performers and forerunners. 

Do you face stressful situations daily?  What if you found new approaches to these situations? Are you one those many having sleep problems? Is it difficult to fall asleep? Or are you waking up repeatedly? Or do wake up feeling tired? Just think about that poor sleep affects your daytime function and collaboration. Chronic sleep problems have huge impact on quality of life and on your entire health.

Oura Smartring and 3 month sleep data at the minimun reveals where the sleep problems stem from. The trend report visualizes your sleep rhytm and sleep problems.  However, knowledge and data is not sufficient to result in long-term behaviour  change.

Professional Coach with profound understanding of Oura sleep data, neuroscience and stress can support you to find less stressful working and living habits. When you understand your own stressors, you can manage them, and lead and collaborate in a less stressful way with your team, family and stakeholders.  What positive difference this would make in your life?

Caleidocons individual coaching challenges and encourages true dialogue; it will guide you there where you desire to go.

One client compared coaching with a parachute jump: you are high in the air, and expected to jump boldly to achieve your goal. At the same time the situation is frightening, and fascinating. She said, the presence of the professional coach co-created the jumping tandem. And so, she was able to enjoy the free drop.

Caleidocons Team Coaching benefits also from Oura sleep data in co-creating high trust, high performing teams. Ask for the tailored offer. In Finnish you can read more in this blog post.  

Dare to dream, and become your true self that you dream to be.



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