Why teams? Why neuroscience? in Leadership Development #1

Individual approach in leadership development is simply not enough in our hyper-connected and changing world with lot of pressures. There is urgent need in organizations for future leadership, high-trust teams, and focused collaboration paving the way for sustainable future. Change and chaos in minds can be very disruptive. With team approach the results will reach much wider than ever would do if development activities were arranged individually.

With Caleidocons™ Team Coaching we make positive difference:

  • Increase individual self-awareness and awareness of the team
  • Build trust in the team and strengthen collaboration and influencing skills
  • Increase well-being and joy at work by providing tools and techniques to decrease pressure and stress

By integrating the Neuroreactivity measure with team coaching we provide business with impactful and globally unique development approach for teams, organizations and individuals respecting people, understanding human brain functions, and promoting well-being and joy at work.

Team coaching has proven its impact being far more significant than individual coaching when we look at organizational change and development, thus foreseen to be the main development approach in the future. The Neuroreactivity measure is based on 20 years international research of human behaviour in surprising, non-controllable and uncertain, high pressure situations.  The method has been developed in co-operation with Finnish National Health and Welfare, Southampton Medical Centre and Helsinki University.

With Neuroreactivity measure we lay down a solid basis for development process that has direct, sustainable benefits for operational teams, like Boards of Directors, Management Groups, Project Teams; and also for groups of participants. Wider impact on their organization success and stakeholders can be expected, and it is this that our clients confirm.

Find more about Caleidocons™ Team Approach in the next blog post.

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